For the love of Greek Food!

In Greek culture, food is front and center.  I would like to share with you some of the many foods I like.

Some of which are spinach pies called spanakopita, cheese pies called tiropita; there is a chicken version called kotopita.  Other favourites of mine are dolmathes which are stuffed grape leafs; some restaurants stuff them with rice, while some stuff them with rice and ground beef plus an array of spices and seasonings.   Now, the two common soups are fasoulatha, which is a hearty bean soup, and avgolemono, which has chicken, lemon, egg, and orzo.  Both are very good soups.


Chicken livers called sikotaki are also good for those who are not faint of heart.  Souvlakis, which are like kabobs, usually come in chicken, beef, or lamb.   The best entrée is lamb shoulder, which is very tender and falls off the bone.


And now last but now least, the desserts.  Baklava, walnuts, cloves, and honey in filo with a honey syrup on top.  Bougatsa, custard filling in filo.  Ravani, is an orange sponge cake, which is to die for.  And Greek yogurt with honey.


There are 3 Greek restaurants in the city of Penticton, where I live.  Mykonos (which unfortunately doesn’t have a website), Theo’s, and La Casa Ouzeria.  So, if you are the visiting Penticton, or the South Okanagan; go ahead and make a reservation at one of the above mentioned restaurants.


 And say, kali orexi!  Enjoy your meal!

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A Unique Wine Called Retsina

Retsina is a type of white wine with the distinct taste of pine. It’s one of these wines that have an acquired taste.   It’s mainly grown in Greece, and is served in Greek restaurants around the world.

There are wineries in Greece that produce and bottle this unique product.  One of them is Alexkakis.  Another is Tsantali. Unfortunately, the homepage of Tsantali is in German, but everything else is in English.  I’m sure there are more wineries than the ones I just mentioned. 

Retsina is great with spicy and aromatic foods.  The wine cuts into the spices and seasonings very nicely, I think.  So give it a try!  It’s one of these wines that you either like or don’t like.  There’s no in between with Retsina.



    If you decide to drink, please don’t drive.  Consider appointing a designated driver, taking a cab, or taking the bus home.  It’s not worth putting yourself, your friends, and perfect strangers at risk.


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What a day!

On the afternoon of July 31, 2010, I was waiting in line at my bank, when a dark blue Chevy Silverado, was trying to get out the way of the fire truck, with its emergency lights and siren activated, actually hit the front driver’s side of my vehicle.  And right before my very eyes!  Boy was I ever nervous!  Not to mention a bit shaken up.


The pickup truck driver didn’t remain at the scene of the accident, which is required by law.   I wasn’t in a position to record a licence plate number.  Thankfully, my vehicle sustained minor damage, and is drivable, thus I can drive back and forth to work.


I told a gentleman in the line-up what was taking place.   All of my tellers and my fellow customers were calm during the incident.  It’s a good thing I have a higher power on my side.  Because it could have been much worse.


So, next time you try to get out way of a responding emergency vehicle; please be aware of your surroundings.  Especially parked vehicles, for which my vehicle was parked in a parking stall.

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My Take on Microsoft PowerPoint™


Microsoft  PowerPoint is part of the family of Microsoft Office products.


It is a program that uses slide presentations, similar to the old slide projector, in the olden days.  Only now, you use a data projection unit to show these digital slides.  The user can still view PowerPoint presentations from the computer.  If the user wishes to view the file from the internet; the user must download the PowerPoint viewer found on Microsoft Office™ website. 


When a file is created, the user has a choice of choosing a blank slide, or using a template.  Templates are designs within the program, that the user can customize the presentation, giving it a unique look and thus professionally appealing.  Templates can be downloaded from the internet.  The user can choose templates from Microsoft Office™ website.  Or users can Google online to find many thousands of templates to choose from.


The user can add clip art, photos, tables, charts, web links, and videos to enhance the presentation.  Be warned, the file size will be made bigger by doing so.  Ensure that you, the user have enough storage space for the creation.


One important point I like to make is, the file can be saved, and or exported as a pdf (Portable Document Format) file.  If the user wishes to save the presentation file as a pdf; the user needs to have Adobe Readersoftware installed in order to view such documents.


I think that the presentation software I’m featuring is an excellent way to be a social butterfly, so to speak.  Impress your friends, family, and even the boss at work.


I hope this brief blog will be helpful, and even useful in your daily computing.




1. Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Office are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

2. Google is a trademark of Google Inc.

3. Adobe Reader is a trademark of Adobe.

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