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My Take On Microsoft Excel™

Microsoft Excel™ is a part of Microsoft Office™ products.  It is a spreadsheet program jam packed with features which are surely amazing.

Most people use Microsoft Excel™ as a database; which is okay, but the potential goes beyond just a database.  Basically, the same features that are in Microsoft PowerPoint™, you can use in Microsoft Excel™; which is true in most Microsoft Office™ applications.

You can use Microsoft Excel™ as a table cell format or as a word processor.

For instance, Pivot Table™ & Pivot Chart™ are animated versions of the basic table & chart which may dazzle even the staunch critic.

It’s a great way to keep financial records & other important information in a neat little program.

One thing I didn’t mention in “My Take On Microsoft PowerPoint™” is you can encrypt or password-protect the Microsoft Excel™ file.  This works in Microsoft PowerPoint™, Microsoft Access™ as well as Microsoft Word™.

I hope this brief blog helps you understand a little better what Microsoft Excel™ does.


1. Microsoft Excel™, Microsoft PowerPoint™, Microsoft Access™,Microsoft Word™, PivotTable ™, PivotChart ™, and Microsoft Office™ are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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The Intrigue Of The QR Code

What is a QR code you ask?  QR stands for Quick Response.  A QR code is a barcode similar to a Universal Product Code, only with a combination of squares and squiggly lines.

It is used to program URL’s (web addresses), text, email or virtual card (digital business card) for use in smartphones to promote a product, service; or give information to the public.

The catch is you have a QR scanning application (app for short) to take advantage of this emerging technology.

Here’s what a QR code looks like:


If you don’t have a smartphone, the web address for this code is: which is my personal website.

To make QR codes you have to have QR creation software, which you can download or purchase online.

I hope this article gives you a better understanding about how QR codes work.

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My Live Video Blog Site

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I’m Sweet On HootSuite

I’m sweet on #HootSuite.  I’m also new to Hootsuite.

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Oh Deer!

On the night of August 28, 2010; I was driving to work on Eastside Road, when a deer jumped out in front of my car.
I put on my brakes just in time to avoid hitting the animal. I was in a state of shock. Once I got to the job site, I calmed down. It just goes to show you that you have be alert at all times when you’re driving.
All the night before the Ironman race! I tell you, these creatures are unpredictable. The joys of living in the Okanagan Valley.
And just remember, they are more than just deer meat. They’re creations mother nature made.

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